Chemicals & Additives

Whether you produce these products by extruders, batch process or continuous process, you have common issues of control of mixing to fill hoppers requiring batch bills of material. You want to be able to plan for yields and monitor actual yield.


Bills of Material (BOM)

These need to allow flexibility of alternative raw materials and often with the preparation of pre-mixes.

Standard mix sizes with material percentages in the mix are provided so that you view the materials as either percentages or pick quantities for a mix.

You may want to manage your bills based on the potency of certain ingredients. You may produce by-products which may be costed or at zero cost. You may often plan and make several products simultaneously (co-products). These need to be effectively scheduled and costed.

The final product may be produced in different product pack sizes and the packing process may be seamless with the bulk manufacture or delayed and run as a separate job later. The BOM needs to allow for the bulk process with the raw materials and well as the packing process with packaging materials included in the packaging BOM.

The Aware Enterprise System provides all this functionality and more.


These need to provide the option to use alternative processing equipment with different run rates and therefore different costings.


You will often have large investments in equipment and often running multiple shifts to improve your return on investment. Consequently, you need to be able to schedule effectively both machines and people to ensure production time is maximised.

The Aware Scheduler will load all unscheduled jobs automatically based on rules you set. The schedule can then be manipulated by your production scheduler to achieve the best result. The Aware scheduler automatically reshuffles all the following jobs when an operation is moved.

Quality Management

Aware provides comprehensive Quality Management functions including tracking of all testing performed on the product during and after production. The system fully conforms to ISO9001 standards.

Hazardous Materials

If you have hazardous materials, you will want to have these appropriately flagged and safety and handling instructions integrated with the manufacturing documentation. The Aware Enterprise System provides for this information to be held and printed in the documentation.


Full batch control provides seamless tracking of batch numbers throughout the supply chain. From a Finished Product Batch Number all the Batch Numbers of intermediate and purchased products which went into the batch are listed. Similarly Entry of a Supplier Batch Number shows all batches of Intermediate Product and Finished Product it went into and which shipments to customers included these products.

Marketing Tools

You will want comprehensive marketing tools to succeed in a highly competitive environment.The Aware CRM provides the tool for Sales Reps to manage their relationships with their customers.

Aware also provides powerful forecasting, pivot table and graphical analysis of the detailed sales data collected over many years. The system integrates seamlessly with third party analysis tools such as Phocas.



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